Mornington District
Basketball Association

Domestic Finals

Domestic Finals

Eligibility: Players must have played 5 or more games – grading games, byes and giving a forfeit do not count. It is the Team Managers responsibility to ensure all players are eligible within 14 days prior to finals commencing.

Season 1 2017 – Domestic Finals

Season 1 runs from 6th February – 24th June 2017 with finals commencing 29th May.

To be eligible to participate in finals, players must have played 5 games throughout the season. This does not include games held during grading and byes.

Monday Competition

Semi finals: 29th May

Prelim finals:  5th June

Grand Final: 19th June

Tuesday Competition

Semi finals: 6th June

Prelim finals: 13th June

Grand Final: 20th June

Wednesday Competition

Semi finals: 7th June

Prelim finals: 14th June

Grand Final: 21st June

Thursday Competition

Semi finals: 8th June

Prelim finals: 15th June

Grand Final: 22nd June

Saturday Competition

Semi finals: 3rd June

Prelim finals: 17th June

Grand Final: 24th June