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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Basketball

Domestic players, families, coaches and team personnel are all vital to the continued success of Mornington Basketball. Your safety, health and enjoyment of our club and facilities are important to us and we hope, to you too. We aim to represent ourselves as a caring and responsible organisation so in keeping with Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct and MDBA Bylaws and Constitution, we’ve compiled a range of frequently asked questions in order to maintain that environment.


Association and Program Inquiries


Who runs Mornington Basketball?

Mornington Basketball is a not-for-profit organisation that is managed by a Committee of Management, who volunteer their time to the board. Mornington has a Joint User Agreement with Mornington Secondary College, while Mornington Civic Reserve is hired from Belgravia Leisure so that members are provided with quality facilities and efficient support.


Who maintains the facilities we use?

It’s a privilege to use these facilities. We are not entitled to use them and so it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after them. While professional cleaners and maintenance staff take care of the larger job of managing the cleanliness and upkeep of the buildings we enjoy, its up to us to make sure that we are doing our part too. Such as:

  • picking up all rubbish from the courts, stadiums, foyers and other areas open to the public,
  • refraining from bouncing balls or throwing them at the walls in the foyer,
  • refraining from swinging on door handles or handrails,
  • advising a staff member if food or liquid spills occur.

Our Mornington Basketball Stadium facility is shared with Mornington Secondary College and Dunn’s Road Stadium is shared with the Mornington Civic Reserve, and as such any major works require approval from the school and Peninsula Shire, as well as from Mornington Basketball. Whenever maintenance issues arise with regards to the stadium, please be aware that a written notification to the is appreciated so that we may follow up on facilities issues through the appropriate channels.


What are the age categories for Domestic competitions?

A player must be under the age stated in the relative age group by the 31st of December in the year of the COMPLETION of that Season.

  • e.g. Cooper is 9 years old and is turning 10 in December of the current year. Cooper will need to register for Under 12 (or up) for the Winter Season.

Age group restrictions are in place to ensure fair and equitable competition. Anyone who registers and competes in the incorrect age group risk their team being disqualified from competition.


What is Ground Breakers?

Ground Breakers is the program for competently skilled baller aged 8+. Players enrolling in this program must be committed to the game and have desire to join the Mornington Breakers.

The focus will be on developing the essential skills and fundamentals needed to become a successful representative basketball player. Players are expected to be committed to the program and have a real desire to work hard and develop their game. For more information or to register, check the Ground Breakers page.


What is the Breakers Development Squad?

The Breakers Development Squad is part of the Ground Breakers program and is by invitation only. Players that are registered in the Ground Breakers programs are eligible for selection into the squad. The squad aims to prepare players for representative basketball and develop and refine fundamental skills. For more information or to register, check the Breakers Development Squad page.


What is Jump Ball?

Jump Ball was created for kids aged 4yrs to 10yrs who are either new to basketball or are playing at a domestic level and wanting to further enhance their skills.

Jump Ball is slip into Beginner sessions and Advanced Sessions. To find out which session your child should be placed into, or to register, check the Jump Ball page.



Domestic Rules & Responsibilities


What is my responsibility as a Coach?

As a coach of a domestic basketball team, like with any other children’s sport, your role is to provide guidance, support and instruction to your players. Your typical responsibilities should be:

  • To ensure that your Working with Children Check is up to date and you have signed and had witnessed all relevant protection declarations.
  • To provide a safe, fun and positive environment for everyone who is a part of your team, club and association.
  • Encourage and teach players the skills and behaviours to become a successful basketballer.


What is my responsibility as a Team Manager?

We advise all team managers to be aware of their responsibilities. One such responsibility is the process for court fee payments on game day:

  • Game fees MUST BE settled with the doorkeeper 10 minutes prior to the start of the game. Players cannot take the court until their fees have been paid and the scoresheet has been taken to the scoring bench. Please note: the clock starts running at the scheduled game time, regardless if the scoring bench is prepared to begin.
  • Please ensure that you have communicated to all parents whether you prefer to collect game fees ON or PRIOR to the game day. Doorkeepers will accept the current day’s game fees all at once, and so it is imperative that you are advised well in advance if a player is not playing. It takes a lot of guesswork out of your job as Team Manager.

In addition:

  • Ensure that you register your team online at the start of each Season.
  • Provide all players with your team code and ensure all players of your team are registered.
  • Be fully aware of the MDBA Bylaws.
  • Be certain that all players and parents are familiar with the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct.
  • Provide a competent scorer table official from your team. See the Score Keeper rules below.
  • Keep track that your players have played enough games to be eligible for finals, in accordance with the MDBA Bylaws.

The onus is on each player’s parent or guardian to check the game fixture, even on the day of the game.

Become familiar with the Domestic Information booklet and all relevant pages to the Domestic Competition .

Ensure that your Working with Children Check is up to date and you have signed and had witnessed all relevant protection declarations.


What is my responsibility as a Score Keeper?

Every team must provide a scorer (1 per team) over the age of 14, at all games.

As a Score Keeper, you are an extension of the officials on the court. This is a job that should be taken seriously as the accuracy and efficiency of your detail submissions impacts the players, teams and fixtures.

At the start of each game, you will be required to open the Courtside scoring app on the MDBA-provided tablet and ensure that the team list corresponds to the information on the paper scoresheet. This must be completed before the players can begin the game. See Courtside Scoring below.


What is Courtside Scoring?

The Courtside app is for scoring basketball games on a tablet, with the game results, ladders, eligibility and statistics recorded in our competition management system and published on the internet, making them easy to view and share. For this reason, it is COMPULSORY that the MDBA-provided tablet and courtside app is used for every domestic game, no exceptions.

Failure to use the tablets and Courtside scoring will result in players losing a qualifying game towards their finals eligibility.

If the tablet on your court is not functioning properly BEFORE the start of the game, is it essential that you advise the referee immediately. If the tablet is out of operation the scorers are required to use the paper scoresheet provided.

Referees are required to review the tablets at each half-time. They are checking that the correct players are listed for the game and remove any players who are not playing.


What is my responsibility as a spectator?

As a spectator, it is your responsibility to behave in accordance with the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct.

We adhere to the Codes of Conduct in all facets of our business, and our expectation is that anyone who enters our doors, or has any contact with our players, coaches, refs, and customer service or office staff is respectful and compliant, as well, to these non-negotiable directions. If you are not yet familiar with the code, we strongly recommend you take the time to read it through.

In addition, it is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the Mornington District Basketball Association Constitution and Bylaws.


Where can I find the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct?

The Codes of Conduct, MDBA Constitution and Bylaws can be found on our website here.



General Domestic Policies


What is a Washout?

A washout is where any game is unable to be played as fixture (except forfeits) due to unsuitable or hazardous playing conditions (i.e. the courts are not safe to use) the MDBA and it’s court representative, such as a referee supervisor, reserves the right to cancel games as necessary. Where a game/s is/are unable to be rescheduled 2 premiership points will be awarded to each team and the game will be treated as a 0-0 draw.

Can I play on more than one team in an age group?

No, you cannot play in more than one (1) team in any one age group, even if you are just filling in. If you want to play for a second domestic team you must play up one age group.


Can we use a Fill-in player?

If a player wishes to fill in on a team that is short they may do so as long as said player is not registered to another team in that age group. Fill-in players are permitted to play 2 games with any one team. The player must register on the 3rd game.

Fill-in players must pay any applicable fees 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the game and must have their name listed on the paper scoresheet and electronic scoring.

Players may participate in more than one team ONLY when the second team in ‘up’ from their designated age category. A player playing on two domestic teams must register online and pay the player registration fee for both teams.

Once a player is registered with a team, on the 3rd game with a team, that player cannot play with another team in that age group or division during that season, without a clearance.

Am I required to register and pay fees for both teams, if I play in two separate age categories?

Yes, if you play in more than 1 team you are required to pay registration fees for both teams. Once registered for a team, a player cannot fill-in for another team within that age group. Penalties apply for non-compliance.


How many games do I have to play to be eligible for domestic finals?

Players must have played 7 or more games – grading games, byes and giving a forfeit do not count. It is the Team Managers responsibility to ensure all players are eligible within 14 days prior to finals commencing. To check the number of games a player has played, visit the fixtures page, select the competition and click on the team name.

Why are we charged a forfeit fee?

You are charged a fee as Mornington Basketball is still required to pay the court hire and associated fees, regardless if you play or not. Mornington Basketball is also required to pay referee fees for any gap between matches played. The fee increases within 48 hours of the scheduled match time as we must pay referees the full match rate for games that are not played. Forfeit fees are also a safeguard to ensure that all teams participate in their registered matches, rather than opting to not play in matches.


Can you change our fixture?

No.  In accordance with our bylaws, we do not take requests for fixture changes as we would not be able to work around all individual requests, while maintaining a fair and equitable competitions.


What is grading?

Grading is the initial stage of any given season whereby the association play teams against each other with the goal of creating fair competition.  Grading games do not count towards final eligibility and results of grading games to not accrue championship points.  Grading is typically the first four rounds of a Season

During the grading process, Team Managers ONLY may contact the Association about the grade in which their teams are placed.


Someone on our Domestic team has a question. Who do we contact?

Your Team Manager is your representative to bring any questions, concerns or queries to the Association. Team Managers (only) may contact the Association office between the hours of 9:30am and 4pm on 5975 0067. Anyone who is not in the role of Team Manager should not be making enquiries on behalf of the team.


Why do I need a Working With Children Check?

The Working with Children Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for, them are subject to a screening process.

This extends to anyone who steps foot on the basketball court, whether in a paid or volunteer capacity. If you fail to provide MDBA with a valid WWCC card/number, you cannot, under any circumstances, perform any duties as coach, team manager, or any other role that deals with children other than as a spectator.