Effective from September 2023

To be eligible to represent the Mornington District Basketball Association (MDBA) as a Mornington Breaker it is compulsory for all players under 18 years of age (other than the exemptions listed below) to participate in our MDBA domestic competition both Summer and Winter seasons.

All junior Breakers players must make a regular commitment to participate in the domestic competition. A regular player is someone who plays in both the Summer and Winter competitions and plays enough games to be eligible for domestic finals in each season and in accordance with MDBA By Law 4.9.

Any player not registered in our summer domestic competition at the time of junior Breakers teams being announced/selected will be required to pay an initial $150 total fee (excludes those players that are exempt).

  • The $150 fee will be refunded when the player registers for a team in the summer competition; or if they don't register;
  • Pay an additional $100.00 ($250.00 total); or
  • The player will be removed from the Breakers program if not registered in our domestic competition or paid the $250.00 fee by 1st November.

Any Breakers player not registered in our winter domestic competition will be removed from the Breakers program from the first day of the winter domestic season.

Skills programs conducted at or by MDBA do not give a player eligibility for a junior Breakers team.


If a player does not comply with the Breakers eligibility requirements the Committee of Management reserve the right to remove the player from the VJBL competition at any stage.


  • Registered player in Breakers Under 20 team
  • Registered player who is over 18 years of age
  • Registered player who is studying full time VCE (Year 12 only)
  • A registered player under the age of 18 years who is a full time listed Big V player (Youth League or Seniors)
  • A registered player who has received and accepted a written invitation from MDBA as a Development Player (excludes Training Player or Future’s players)
  • Registered player who has a State Development Program (SDP) scholarship
  • Registered player who has a National Development Program (NPP) scholarship
  • Registered player who has a scholarship in any other sport equivalent to SDP or NPP
  • An injured player may apply to the General Manager for an exemption from participating in or for not
    meeting the required number of domestic games by submitting a doctor’s certificate from a recognised
    and certified medical practitioner.


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