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From Summer 20/21, Mornington Basketball will be introducing a new system to manage the pre-payment of Junior and Senior Domestic matches and the processing of forfeits.

Your team contact/manager will create a Teammo account and manage digital payments using Teammo. All players in the team will be required to transfer digital funds to their team manager as requested. Your primary team contact will receive payment requests 48 hours before the game to remind them to pay. Mornington Basketball will be automatically notified when you have made payments.

Teammo is a simple system to use, which will help team contacts keep a track of payments and alleviate the need for collecting cash.

Team Manager Guide


Teammo will also be used to simply manage team forfeits. All junior and senior domestic teams will be required to notify and pay forfeits online, with both teams being automatically notified via text message along with Mornington Basketball.


Training and Teammo videos

To learn more about Teammo and for assistance in setting up your account follow the links below:

Team Manager Zoom Training Session Video

For more help with Teammo check out the following tutorials:

Quick Game Day Mobile walkthroughs are also available:


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